Big Levels Salamander
Plethodon sherando

Common Name:

Big Levels Salamander

Scientific Name:

Plethodon sherando



plethore is Greek meaning "fullness or full of",  odon is Greek for "teeth". Referring to  the number of paravomerine and vomerine teeth.


Average Length:

Virginia Record Length:


Record length:

This recently described species from the Blue Ridge Mountains of the eastern USA is known only from 15 sites in a small area in the vicinity of Big Levels, Augusta County, Virginia, at elevations ranging from 579m asl (Lake Sherando) to 1,091m asl (at the top of Bald Mountain). It overlaps very narrowly with Eastern Red-backed Salamander (Plethodon cinereus) on the edge of its range.


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Verified County/City Occurrence

Augusta County
Verified in 1 Counties/Cities.

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