Black Mountain Salamander
Desmognathus welteri

Common Name: Black Mountain Salamander
Scientific Name: Desmognathus welteri
Genus: desmos is Greek for  "ligament",  gnathos is Greek for "jaw"  - This refers to the bundle of ligaments holding the jaw.
 Species: welteri is in honor of  Dr. Wilfred August Welter (1906-1939).
Average Length: 3 - 5 in. (7.5 - 12. 5 cm)
Virginia Record Length:   
Record length: 6.7 in. (17 cm)

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: 80-170 mm; brown; usually with scattered dark spots but occasionally uniformly tan above; venter is yellow, lightly mottled with dark pigment; toes dark-tipped *1014*.

REPRODUCTION: Clutch=26; eggs laid in spring and summer *1014*. Habitat: Large turbulent brooks; live under stones and crevices in splash zone; larvae and juveniles inhabit spring seep tributaries *1014*; found in mountain springs, brooks, and pools; under stones and logs either in or near water *2077*; female coils around eggs; larval stage lasts nearly 2 years *1014*.

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