Common Mudpuppy
Necturus maculosus maculosus

Common Name:
Common Mudpuppy
Scientific Name:
Necturus maculosus maculosus
nektos is Greek for "swimming", oura is Greek for "tail".
maculosus is Latin meaning "full of spots". Referring to the spotted dorsum.
maculosus is Latin meaning "full of spots". Referring to the spotted dorsum.
Average Length:
8 - 13 in. (20 - 33 cm)
Virginia Record Length: 
Record length:
19.1 in. (48.6 cm)


Virginia Wildlife Action Plan Rating Tier III - High Conservation Need - Extinction or extirpation is possible. Populations of these species are in decline or have declined to low levels or are in a restricted range. Management action is needed to stabilize or increase populations.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: This is a large, permanently-gilled salamander. It has four toes each on both hindlimb. The gills are dark red. The dorsum is rusty brown to gray with black blotches. The venter is white to gray and sometimes spotted. Extending through the eyes and to the gills is a dark bar. Its snout is heavily truncated. Juveniles begin to look like adults at 13-15 cm. Hatchlings have prominent yolk sacs with a dark dorsal band with a light yellow stripe *11305*.

REPRODUCTION: Females construct nests by excavating under rocks, logs or other cover in submerged bottom sediments. Eggs are attached by disklike outer envelopes with a short stalk. Females can lay at least 12 eggs in a day.*11305*

BEHAVIOR: This species is nocturnal *1009,883*. They inhabit vegetation-choked or muddy habitats during the day.*11305* They normally walk or crawl over the bottom but are capable of rapid bursts of speed when disturbed.*11305*

ORIGIN: This species is native *1009,883*.

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