Dwarf Waterdog
Necturus punctatus

  • Dwarf Waterdog
  • Dwarf Waterdog
  • Dwarf Waterdog
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Common Name:
Dwarf Waterdog
Scientific Name:
Necturus punctatus
nektos is Greek for "swimming", oura is Greek for "tail".
punctatus is Latin meaning "having spots or points". Referring to the spotted dorsum.
Average Length:
4.5 - 6.25 in. (11.5 - 15.9 cm)
Virginia Record Length: 
Record length:
7.4 in. (18.9 cm)


Virginia Wildlife Action Plan Rating Tier III - High Conservation Need - Extinction or extirpation is possible. Populations of these species are in decline or have declined to low levels or are in a restricted range. Management action is needed to stabilize or increase populations.

Reproduction: Nests have not been discovered, but small specimens appear in the fall. Females attach eggs to the underside of logs.*1014* The life span is greater than 10 years *1014,1009*. It is a permanently gilled species. Adults are slate gray to brownish in color. Some populations have small dark spots. Females have proportionately longer tales. Adults measure 11.5-19 cm TL.*11305*

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