Three-lined Salamander
Eurycea guttolineata

Common Name:

Three-lined Salamander

Scientific Name:

Eurycea guttolineata



Eurycea has no known meaning, but is thought to be mythological in nature.


gutta is Latin for "spot", lineata is Latin for "lined".  This refers to the three dorsal lines formed by its spots.

Average Length:

4 - 6.3 in. (10 - 15.9 cm)

Virginia Record Length:

Record length:

7.9 in. (20 cm)

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: This species has a narrow, black, mid-dorsal line within a tan or yellow dorsal band. The upper sides are black, and the venter mottled gray and dull yellow. The sides of tail have imperfect vertical black bars and narrow yellow interspaces. This species is 183 mm long with 14 costal grooves *1009*. The tail becomes proportionally longer relative to body length as juveniles grow and often composes 60-65% of the total length of adults.*11305*

REPRODUCTION: Gravid females are found in November *1009*, and sexual maturity is reached the summer following transformation. This species breeds in autumn or winter *1014*.

BEHAVIOR: This species is most abundant in river-bottom swamps and the vicinity of springs and streams where seepage keeps the ground moist. They are nocturnal *1009*, and found under logs, stones, and debris along stream bottomlands *1014*.

References for Life History

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