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This is a widget that will ask you for a number to call you with, and you will be connected to the voicemail of Kory Steele. Reporters are encouraged to contact the VHS with urgent inquiries on breaking news. Emergencies would be for life and death situations for both human and animals. For all others, please submit an email to one of the below contacts.

Need help with identifying a reptile or amphibian?

In 2010 approximately 44% of our snake identification requests were harmless, juvenile eastern ratsnakes. Is this the snake you observed? Not the snake you observed, unsure? Then by all means, contact us.


To improve the identification process, provide the following when possible:

Also, consider joining our Facebook page at:

Please keep in mind that we will respond as soon as possible, but responses may take several hours.

VHS Directory

Office Name Email Address Functions
President Kory Steele All VHS business
Vice President Mike Salotti VHS business and meetings and surveys
Treasurer/Secretary Dave Perry All membership and monies questions
Past President Larry Mendoza Yahoo Group and Facebook
Journal Editor Paul Sattler For submissions to, or questions about the VHS's own peer reviewed journal, Catesbeiana.
Newsletter Editor Susan Watson For submissions to, or questions about the newsletter
Online Store Manager Pattie Crane For questions about the online store
Education Committee Mike Clifford  
HerpBlitz Committee Jason Gibson  

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