Need help with identifying a reptile or amphibian?

Approximately 40% of our snake identification requests were harmless, juvenile eastern ratsnakes. Is this the snake you observed? Not the snake you observed? Then by all means contact us.


To improve the identification process, provide the following when possible:

  • Photo
  • Locality (county / town, address is ideal)
  • Place of encounter: Yard, house, pond, woods, etc.
  • Approximate size
  • Disposition of animal: Observed, released, killed, etc.
  • If you are a VHS member (not required)

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Please keep in mind that we will respond as soon as possible, but responses may take several hours.

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Virginia is home to 28 species of frogs and toads.


We have a large diversity of salamanders consisting of 56 different species and subspecies.


Virginia is home to 9 native lizard species and two introduced species, the Mediterranean Gecko and the Italian Wall Lizard.


The Commonwealth is home to 34 species and subspecies of snake. Only 3 species are venomous.


Virginia has 25 species and subspecies of turtle. Five of these species are sea turtle.