Monetary Grants of the
Virginia Herpetological Society

Over the years the Virginia Herpetological Society has given monetary grants totaling $17,223 to support various aspects of herpetology in Virginia. VHS grants are supported entirely through membership dues and donations. Please consider contributing to the VHS so we can continue supporting research and conservation efforts in Virginia.

Donations made to the Virginia Herpetological Society are tax deductible.

Year Amount Grants in Herpetology (GIH) / Cause
2016 $50 Set of herpetological posters for Leesylvania State Park
2016 $50 Set of herpetological posters for Prince William Forest Park
2016 $500 GIH: Phylogeography of Montane Salamanders in Southwest Virginia. - George C. Argyros & Erin Kirk
2016 $500 GIH: Effects of fire disturbance on multiscale habitat selection by Cope's Gray Treefrog - Logan McDonald
2016 $500 GIH: Herpetology Outreach Program - David S. McLeod
2015 $500 VA Commonwealth University Rice Center for continuing public education and research on vernal pools
2015 $500 Virginia Reptile Rescue for continuing contributions educating the public and nuisance animal removal
2015 $500 GIH: Potential threats to terrapin nesting success caused by the invasive reed Phragmites australis - Cassandra Cook
2015 $200 GIH: Patterns of Color Variation in Common Garter Snake (Thamnophis sirtalis) Populations in Virginia - Zachary Martin
2015 $500 GIH: Assessment of Population Demographics and Examination of Migratory Habits of A. jeffersonianum at Selu Conservancy in Montgomery Co., VA - Matti Hamed
2015 $500 GIH: 'Snake Fungal Disease' Investigation - Amanda Guthrie
2015 $500 Belmead Plantation for hosting the 2014 Herpblitz and for land conservation.
2015 $403 Ellanor C. Lawrence Park amphibian and vernal pool sign
2015 $400 Montclair Earth Day event; snake and frog brochures and posters
2014 $500 GIH: Effects of trails and roads on Peaks of Otter Salamander (Plethodon hubrichti) and Eastern Red-backed Salamander (Plethodon cinereus) movement behavior. - Cory Goff
2014 $500 GIH: Determining Chytrid (Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis) and Ranavirus presence at Long Branch Nature Center in Arlington Virginia - Lauren Augustine & Matt Neff
2013 $125 Indoor box turtle habitat and public education Girl Scout Gold Award Project - Natalie Gilbert
2012 $500 GIH: A Study of the State Threatened Wood Turtle: Developing an Occupancy and Detection Model of Wood Turtles in Virginia using Traditional and Novel Approaches - Jeffery Dragon
2012 $500 GIH: Investigating the enigmatic decline of the Southern Cricket Frog (Acris gryllus) in Virginia - Jeff Mette
2012 $500 GIH: Expanding the herpetological paleo-fauna of the Oligocene to Pliocene exposures of Virginia: Underwater recovery methods development - Jason E. Osborne
2011 $500 GIH: The Response of Anuran Species Distributions to Anthropogenic Disturbance: Using Circuit Theoretic Analysis to Model Landscape Connectivity - Daniel Ramos
2011 $500 GIH: Estimation of Detection Probabilities of Red-Backed Salamanders at the Randolph-Macon Environmental Field Station - Jay McGhee
2010 $200 La Mica Biological Station in El Cope, Panama - Dr. Julie Ray
2010 $100 Luray Zoo - Native Herp Exhibit
2010 $500 GIH: The effects of genetic heterozygosity on territory size in the terrestrial salamander, Plethedon cinereus - Eric Liebgold
2009 $200 Luray Zoo - Native Herp Exhibit
2009 $500 GIH: Genetic variation of populations of Chelydra serpentina serpentine (Common Snapping Turtle) inhabiting adjacent ponds in Virginia. - Jonathan Jeffreys
2009 $100 Student Paper Award
2008 $500 GIH: Salamander Use of Karst Sinkholes at Selu Conservancy - Karen Francl
2008 $250 GIH: The effects of social environment on the growth and behaviors of juveniles of a terrestrial salamander, Plethodon cinereus - Eric Liebgold
2008 $250 GIH: Are the behavioral responses of red-backed salamanders to an ecosystem engineer influenced by their evolutionary history? - Tami Ransom
2007 $150 Student Paper Award
2007 $200 Student Poster Award
2007 $250 VA Museum of Natural History - Richard Hoffman Symposium
2007 $1,000 GIH: Determination of the distributional boundaries for the Peaks of Otter salamander - Norm Reichenbach & Tim Brophy
2007 $250 VA Museum of Natural History - Reptile Weekend
2006 $500 VHS Grant in Herpetology (GIH)
2006 $300 Virginia BioBlitz Project
2004 $100 Luray Zoo - Native Herp Exhibit
2003 $250 Virginia BioBlitz Project
2002 $200 Legislative Field Trip
2002 $295 Wetland Sign Exhibit
2002 $100 Luray Zoo - Native Herp Exhibit
2001 $1,700 Production of the DGIF Publication "A Guide to Snakes of Virginia"
2000 $100 Decline of Amphibians Study Fund
  $17,223 Total

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