Instructions for Potential Authors

Catesbeiana is published twice a year by the Virginia Herpetological Society. Membership is open to all individuals interested in the study of amphibians and reptiles and includes a subscription to Catesbeiana, two newsletters, and admission to all meetings. Annual dues for regular membership are $15.00. Payments received after September 1 of any given year will apply to membership for the following calendar year.

Herpetological artwork is welcomed for publication in Catesbeiana. If the artwork has been published elsewhere, we will need to obtain copyright before it can be used in an issue. We need drawings and encourage members to send us anything appropriate, especially their own work. Digital submissions are preferred.

The principal function of Catesbeiana is to publish observations and original research about Virginia herpetology. Rarely will articles be reprinted in Catesbeiana after they have been published elsewhere. All correspondence relative to the suitability of manuscripts or other editorial matters should be directed to Dr. Paul Sattler, Editor, Catesbeiana, Department of Biology, Liberty University, 1971 University Blvd., Lynchburg, VA 24502

Major Papers
Manuscripts for consideration of publication in Catesbeiana should be doublespaced and submitted to the Editor electronically. Consullt the style of articles in this issue for additional information, including the appropriate format for literature citations. The metric system should be used for reporting all types of measurement data. email attachments in Word format is desired for all papers. Submissions concerning the herpetofauna of selected areas, such as a park, city or county, should be prepared in article rather than field note format. Articles will be refereed by the editor and one or more qualified reviewers. All changes must be approved by the author before publication; therefore, manuscripts must be received by the editor before March 1 and September 1 to be considered for publication in the spring and fall issue, respectively, of Catesbeiana. Reprints of articles are not available, but authors may reprint their own articles to meet professional needs.

High contrast photographs (prints, slides, or digital images) of amphibians and reptiles will be considered for publication if they are of good quality and are relevant to an accompanying article or field note. Digital images are preferred. Published photographs will be deposited in the VHS archives.

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